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At Resume Janus, we harness the transformative power of career guidance to re-define how individuals perceive and pursue their professional paths. Named after Janus, the Roman god of transformation, we believe in empowering individuals to navigate their career journeys with confidence and clarity.

In today’s dynamic workplace landscape, finding the perfect fit can be daunting. Many talented individuals find themselves in roles that don’t align with their skills or aspirations, while others struggle to showcase their full potential to prospective employers. At Resume Janus, we bridge this gap by offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your career prospects.

Our team of experts specializes in crafting compelling resumes that not only highlight your skills and experience but also tell your unique story. We understand that securing the right job goes beyond qualifications—it’s about presenting yourself in the best possible light. That’s why we provide personalized interview coaching to help you ace those crucial moments and leave a lasting impression on recruiters.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We also offer tailored job search support to connect you with opportunities that match your ambitions and expertise. Whether you’re looking to switch careers, enhance your skills, or simply explore new possibilities, Resume Janus is here to guide you every step of the way.

Transform your career trajectory today with Resume Janus and unlock a world of possibilities.

What People Have to Say

Shailesh Puranik, Infrastructure Consultant, HDFC Asset Management Company

Srinivas Rao M, Chief Executive Officer at T-Hub, Hyderabad

Somjit Das , Assistant General Manager- Sales Excellence at Nuvoco Vistas Corp

Anshul Phadke Head of Operations - ElasticRun

A genuinely helpful and super confident person, Bhavna has done a great job for my CV. After getting disappointed from big names in this industry, I had come to Bhavna and she rescued me. Her leadership and guidance in resume writing & job support program is superb. She has set up a very effective team of resume writers who are on point with your CV. I have landed many interview calls, kudos to her ! She was referred to me by a friend and am glad I trusted her ! Work which she does has very high return on investment which you realize when you grab a great job offer ! Thanks Bhavna, keep growing keep shining !

Divya Sharma QA Manager - Veeva Systems

Bhavna's resume writing services were referred to me by a friend who took her services and landed a great opportunity in no time. I wanted someone who had the maturity to understand my profile and as my friend had mentioned, I got very good response from Bhavna. She was quick to understand my profile, rightly positioned me in the market and delivered both my resume and LinkedIn makeover up to my satisfaction. She keeps patience and her client handling is ultimate. Keep doing well and keep inspiring other women entrepreneurs !

Piyush Garg Senior Account Manager - Seqrite

Hits the bull's eye ! That is how I define Bhavna's resume services - To-the-point, precise and just what is required by the recruiter. Bhavna was referred to me by a friend who grabbed an offer soon after taking her services. I was hopeful and she sincerely lived up to the expectations. I received a lot of interview calls using her resume makeover and LinkedIn Optimisation service! Her personal involvement in your project adds confidence and conviction to your case and opens up many avenues for you. I have been referring her to all my friends and got the services for my wife as well. I recommend her highly!!

Yogesh Agarwal Founder & Chief - Revamp Tribe

Bhavna's company name can be "ResumeJanus", but actually she is a "Resume Genius". Recently, I got a chance to take resume making service from Bhavna & I can speak more highly about the kind of precision she has used to make the resume for me. What makes her stand out is her ability to frame the right statements, which adds a stunning effect on the work experience. For anyone who is looking to have a powerful resume that lands them their dream job, Bhavna is your go-to person. Close your eyes & jump into her DM.

Manjula Venugopal Project Consultant - Qutrit Technology

Bhavna was highly professional, responsive, very sincere and diligent in drafting and delivering a great CV. She attended to my phone calls and clarified all my doubts. She was convincing since beginning and I knew that finally I have got the right person. I am increasingly getting interview calls. Kudos Bhavna. Keep doing well. Thank you for all the help you have provided. Thanks and keep up the good work

Georgia C. Underwriting Manager - Nuvei

It was a delight working with Bhavna while preparing my CV. She made me realize of how much I'm capable of and she delivered beyond my expectations. I cannot thank her enough and I recommend her to anyone who wants to take it a step further. Keep shining and keep working smart

Uday Agarwal Assistant Vice President - Credit Suisse

It was one of my best decisions to collaborate with Bhavna Bansal. Deservedly, she is one of the best and rated highly in the industry. She is meticulous in resume makeover and LinkedIn profile writing. New updated CV and LinkedIn profile fetched me many interview calls. Her careful evaluation of my old resume, data extraction and finesse in finalizing took me to new heights in not much less time ! Highly recommend her services.

Shailesh Puranik, Infrastructure Consultant, HDFC Asset Management Company

Srinivas Rao M, CEO at T-Hub, Hyderabad

Somjit Das , Assistant General Manager- Sales Excellence at Nuvoco Vistas Corp

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